About us:

History of thea Ing. Büro Binder & Föhl Automatisierungstechnik

1995 Formation of our Company as  Ingenenieurbüro Binder+Föhl Gbr

2000 Change in a Corporation (Ingenieurbüro Bider+Föhl GmbH)
Optaining workspace Unterensingen

4 Employees

2003 Changeover from von Unterensingen to Nürtingen Schlosserstrasse
Enlarge workspace and offices
7 Employees

2006 10 Employees

2007 15 Employees
Certification DIN ISO9001:2000
ProInno research project

2008 17 Employees
Start of constrution of our own building in NT-Zizishausen
ProInno resaerch project successfully finished

2009 20 Employees
Changeover into our own building in NT-Zizishausen